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Google to use your face for promotion

Have you noticed Google telling that they will change their user agreement as of November 11th? One of the changes will allow them to use your face (Google+ avatar) to promote stuff.

We want to give you – and your friends and connections – the most useful information. Recommendations from people you know can really help. So your friends, family and others may see your Profile name and photo, and content like the reviews you share or the ads you +1’d. This only happens when you take an action (things like +1’ing, commenting or following) – and the only people who see it are the people you’ve chosen to share that content with.

If you don’t like to have your face pop up as a promotion for a restaurant or some gadget shop you might want to opt out of this. It can luckily done pretty easily here []. Make sure the check box is unchecked.

MIT Scientists Create Modular Robot Blocks That Can Self-Assemble & Reconfigure

MIT Scientists Create Modular Robot Blocks That Can Self-Assemble & Reconfigure | TechCrunch. Quite awesome if it was just nano sized. One step closer to the T-1000 [].




Business Directory Scam

Not really my area here, but as yet another one dumps into my I would like to give a heads up to anyone that haven’t experienced this before.

You get a nice physical letter in the mailbox asking you to go through your business listing at their directory service. Or they call you and just want to “confirm” that you would like to renew your directory listing. The company name is probably going to be something like “The Yello Page Inc.” or some other generic name sounding like some well known real directory listing.

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Sophos EMEA Partner Connections 2013 in Athens

Got an invite to the Sophos EMEA Partner Connections 2013 in Athens 14.-16. of May through my employer 🙂

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