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SMS Authenticate Your Guest Wi-Fi Utilizing Sophos UTM – Part 3

Video with description of my public wi-fi setup with SMS authentication.


If you like some more info about this, start at part 1 here.



N.B. The procedure in the video was something I started using before the UTM got av hotspot function. Now instead of manipulating the /var/storage/chroot-http/etc/static/auth_transparent.html file you should be able to get the same function with hotspot set up with “Terms of use acceptance” – put your internal server in the “Walled Garden” and set up “Redirect to URL after login” to point to your internal server. Only difference is that the users will have to tick a button and accept your terms. Other setup with RADIUS and Web Filtering  should be same as before.


If you got any questions please post them here or send med a msg on twitter @TxWebNet 🙂


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