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Pebble watch

My newest gadget is the Pebble watch, in the picture set up with the Glance app. I haven’t been wearing a watch for 10 years, but after I got a galaxy note about a year and a half ago taking the phone out of the pocket to check the time have been a bit more exhausting. So when the wrist watches start to become smart I just had to get one.


This was a Kickstarter project that I supported and feel that I have been following from the drawing board to the mass production.

The watch can vibrate and notice about e-mail, sms, phone call + about any other notification from other Android apps (it also supports iOS, but I have nada experience with that). It can control most music apps and they have an SDK for external developers. The most advanced app I have installed is Glance. This app shows the current temp. and weather and it have some functions to look up the calendar and reply to sms messages.

As I’m a gadget freak I love this device, but I do hope the Pebble team will keep up the good work on developing new firmwares for better stability and features.

I could write a lot more about this watch, but I will rather refer to Robert Nelson at androidcommunity.com that have written a thorough and objective review.

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